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Personal Portfolio Management with Suitable Risks, Returns and Time Horizon 

Securities are an essential foundation of financial management for individuals, families and institutions. Yet the management of securities is often left up to chance, mutual funds, annuities or retirement plans that may not be in the best position to evaluate the time horizon, risk profile, goals, needs and desires of the individual investor or institution. Working with a qualified personal financial advisor to develop and maintain a goal oriented portfolio of appropriate risk with low fees is an approach that can adapt to the changing financial situation of the investor or the markets. KENETEX advisors develop portfolio screens and criteria that consider the appropriate level of company, sector and regional diversification, fundamental company performance metrics, and intangibles such as quality of management and product longevity.


Adaptive portfolio changes include the cash flow needs of the investor,  new opportunities brought about by investment and business cycles, changes in company performance and social commitments to responsible investing. More than ever before, individuals and investors wish to focus their resources in ways that support the values, the locales and the priorities that are appropriate in their lives. 


KENETEX Wealth Management advisors have worked with individuals, families, estates, trusts, non-profit corporations and institutions to manage personal, institutional and endowment wealth in various types of accounts.


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