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KENETEX Wealth Management

A Member of Advisory Services Network,  LLC






Every client has a personal relationship

with a KWM trusted advisor.


KWM provides high value management :

custom portfolios at low fees.


At KWM, your investment preferences

are respected and honored.


Anyone who saves or has any wealth

can qualify for KWM services.


KWM's approach adapts

to your changing needs.

 Why is wealth management important?

Wealth is the sum of accumulated savings that you or your institution store over years of earnings and revenue after expenditures.


Wealth management is every bit as important as the ability to earn or acquire income, as it enables you to meet goals, commitments and unexexpected circumstances when direct income or earnings are insufficient or terminated.


You would never leave decisions about a car or a house up to market averages or impersonal institutions. Why would you assume your investments are different than these other important assets?

2128 Brockman Boulevard

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 (MICHIGAN)


5134 Sierra Drive

Westerville, Ohio 43082 (OHIO)



734-995-2599 Michigan Cell

614-738-7562 Eric Cell




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KENETEX Wealth Management

A Member of Advisory Services Network, LLC

Your Personalized Portfolio Managers 


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